At the “JEWISH GIRLS UNITE”, our goal is to educate Jewish girls to appreciate their role as Jewish women in the 21st century. We are offering to share our ready courses with Shluchos. These curriculums have been tried and tested at the Jewish Girls Retreats and have been used in private tutoring, Hebrew schools and themed events for Jewish girls. If you need any ideas or further help, Nechama Laber is available for consulting. For more information or to order the lesson files, e-mail


 1. WE ARE THE WORLD: This curriculum focuses on how all aspects of the world are in the heart of a Jew and the fascinating lessons found within nature can teach us how to succeed in our world. Each monthly theme consists of games, discussion, songs and activities.

Topics include: 1.Elul: Be all you Can Bee! – Learn from Honey bees how to have a Sweet New Year! 2. Tishrei: Circles of Unity – Unity and Individuality 3. Cheshvan: Be a Star, Light up the Night – Discover your power to shine in the darkness and rise above peer pressure! 4. Kislev: Rise to the Top - Chanukah lessons on oil and the soul 5. Teves: Breaking the Ice – Imbuing passion & warmth in all we do. 6. Shvat: Ready, Set, Grow - Explore the 7 Species of Israel in your soul. Is Man a Tree of the Field? 7. Adar 1 : Something's Fishy – Find the Hidden Hand of Hashem today! 8. Adar 2 : Moonlight on Esther – The meaning of the moon. 9. Nissan: Flying with Freedom – Learn from a bird how to achieve your freedom! 10. Iyar - Sivan: Climb that Mountain/ Reaching Higher! The Journey of a Jew can be compared to Climbing a Mountain. (Jewish Pride & Positive resolutions)

Price: $150.00

2. HOLIDAY HEROINES - Explore the lives of Jewish Women of Action and their Heroic ways which is connected to our Jewish Holidays. Each lesson includes opening games, discussion, journal ideas, art activities, songs and chesed projects. Topics include: 1.Chana's Prayer  2. Shabbos – Sara’s Miracles: Candles & Challah 3. Rivkah's Little Lights 4. Rochel's Love . 5. Yehudis, Yogurt & Yoga  6. Rosh Chodesh - A Woman's Holiday 7. Devorah's Palm Tree. 8. Esther - True Beauty! 9.Miriam's Song 10. Ladies First - Women & Matan Torah 11.Ruth’s Journey 12. Drama & Songs for Fashion Show for Women thru the Ages!

Price: $180.00


Interactive lessons on all Tefillos in siddur.It comes with a slideshow of many shul's around the world as we travel with our GPS!

 Price: email


Dive into the great Jewish woman of our past that are hinted to in each verse of the Aishes Chayil – (a song that praises the Jewish women.) Discover the traits of the Woman of Valor within yourself. This course includes a sample power point presentation that can be presented as a Bat Mitzvah project.

Price: $200

All proceeds benefit the Jewish Girls Retreat Scholarship fund - a camp for Jewish girls of all backgrounds and affiliations.