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Our mission at Jewish Girls Unite is to inspire Jewish Girls to be proud and confident through club events, creative curriculum and retreats. 
Our Programs

Jewish Girls Unite includes clubs for girls of all ages in the Capital Region: Bat Mitzvah Club for girls in grades 5-7, Yaldah after school Club for girls in grades 3-5 and the Teen Leadership Club for girls in grades 8-12. Jewish Girls Unite also unites girls from around the world at the Jewish Girls Summer and Winter Retreats. In addition, curriculums that inspire Jewish girls are available for sale. 

For more information about our programs contact Nechama Laber at call 518-727-9581. 

Our History: 

In 1998, Nechama Laber founded the Capital Region Bat Mitzvah Club under Bat Mitzvah Clubs International and Chabad of the Capital District. The Bat Mitzvah Club is designed for girls in grades 5-7 to learn that becoming a Bat Mitzvah is much more than just a party. Club meetings include exciting activities, games, journal writing, crafts and more. Activities center around a new theme each year. 

In 2001, the Bat Mitzvah Club expanded to the Bat Mitzvah Camp, a day camp for Jewish Girls. In 2004, the Bat Mitzvah Camp held its first overnight camp in Sage College, Troy. In 2004, the Bat Mitzvah Club expanded to include an all girls teen club, called Teen Leadership Club for post BMC girls in grades 8-11. In 2006, the Bat Mitzvah Camp was renamed to the Jewish Girls Retreat and includes the Yaldah, BMC and TLC divisions for girls ages  8-16 years old. The first JGR Winter Retreat occured in  2007, when the Labers teamed up with Leah Caras from Yaldah Magazine, a JGR alumni.

 In 2010, Yaldah Club, a creative arts after school program, was created together with Leah Caras, of Yaldah Magazine for girls in grades 3-5 to express their creativity and submit their writings and illustrations to YALDAH magazine.

 Our motto "Where every Girl is Family!" sums it up perfectly as girls form lasting friendships and become like sisters. All girls are welcome to join our clubs or retreats regardless of Jewish affiliation.   

Upcoming Events
There are no events posted at this time. Please contact us for more info about our events.
For more information 518.727.9581